Jim Haudan

Jim Haudan has a passion that goes beyond leading Root to success as Co-founder and Chairman. For more than 25 years, he has helped leaders and organizations unleash hidden potential by fully engaging their people to deliver on the strategies of the business.

Jim Wrote the Book on Engagement

The Art of Engagement outlines a proven process that helps organizations like yours bridge the canyons that exist between leaders, managers, and individual contributors to help execute strategies successfully. The book focuses on the strategy execution process so that companies can achieve real, accelerated results by unleashing the hidden potential in their people as the catalyst for change.


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Plus, Jim Co-Wrote the Book on Leader BlindSpots

Many organizations and leaders are using beliefs and methods grounded in the industrial age to try to motivate and engage employees to create change and sustain growth.

What Are Your Blindspots? provides leaders with a proven framework and approach for increasing organizational innovation, productivity, and creativity as people find real purpose in their work.

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Webinar - What Are Your Blindspots?

Expertise Areas

The Art of Engagement

In this interactive experience, Jim explains how organizations can close the gap between their aspirations and results by connecting people to strategy to enable every company to reach its strategic destination.

What Are Your Blindspots

During this impactful and highly engaging session, Jim helps leaders uncover the blindspots that are holding they and their organization back. Using stories and true experiences from the world’s largest and most respected companies, Jim outlines what some of the very best are doing differently to creative thriving workplaces and successful companies.

Leadership vs. Followership

Jim’s presentation provides insights into creating a followership that results in sustained, positive motivation and change. Best practices such as reframing challenges, connecting employees to a future positive state, and telling easy-to-identify stories are the takeaways from this session.

Why Authenticity Matters

Scientific research finds the more powerful people become, the less empathetic and authentic they are as people and leaders. Jim brings us back to the importance of honesty, empathy, and vulnerability in being a true leader.

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Inside the Art of Thinking Together

You can increase the candor, authenticity, and generation of innovative ideas in your meetings if you truly focus on the art of thinking together. William B. Isaacs, author of an outstanding book on dialogue, suggests that most of our biggest organizational failures today can be directly attributed to our inability to talk honestly and effectively … Continue reading "Inside the Art of Thinking Together"

The Missing Process That Makes All the Difference: Strategy Activation Through People

The brutal reality that should concern anyone leading a team or an organization today is that 60%–90% of all strategies are never brought to life. They just don’t materialize. The dreams and aspirations of smart and caring people never see the light of day. They stay locked in a strategy deck that sits on most … Continue reading "The Missing Process That Makes All the Difference: Strategy Activation Through People"

The Role of Risk Alignment in Great Team Decision-Making

Hundreds of books have been written about leadership and high-performance teams, but rarely do they adequately address the art of great decision-making. But one very important aspect of governance for teams and organizations is decision rights. Who gets to decide what? Where is shared decision-making required for success? Almost every team we engage falls short … Continue reading "The Role of Risk Alignment in Great Team Decision-Making"

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