Research surrounding high performers and their daily practices can shed light on effective habits and routines that should be encouraged throughout your entire organization. What are top employees doing that make them such good producers? What can others learn from them and utilize in their own work routines?

Root explored these questions at companies ranging in size and type to cull data about emerging practices of high performers. In the process, we uncovered a wealth of useful information such as the best way to enlist a new strategy, how to bridge gaps to facilitate greater understanding, and the importance of establishing accountability and ownership of tasks or processes. In all, we landed on six trends worth looking at – maybe they can even help your organization better engage employees and deliver greater outcomes.

What do you do to arm your employees with the right tools and information to turn them into high performers?

Bridget Stallkamp, Managing Director and Jim Haudan, CEO, Root, Inc. share tips to making it work at work in their Watercooler article.

December 27, 2012