The great reshuffle. The great resignation. It’s all over the news. What’s really happening is the great reassessment. Your people have choices and have been empowered to embrace those choices. If leaders and organizations want to be part of that consideration, it’s time to join the conversation with your people.

Jim Haudan and Rich Berens – Root by Accenture leaders and co-authors of What Are Your Blind Spots? – are hosting a lively and interactive discussion on the opportunities for leaders to help their organizations truly flourish, not only in profitability, but in people engagement and happiness. This 30-minute discussion will enable leaders to better understand the conversations they need to be having within their organizations, including:

  • The importance of people’s perceived (and real) value and contributions
  • Encouraging human variability within roles
  • Creating breakthrough conversations with organizations and individuals
  • Building or rebuilding organizational trust

If your goal is to create an organization that people are clamoring to join, this session is for you. Attendees will walk away with new ideas and approaches that improve commitment, build loyalty and retention, create engagement, and most importantly deliver individual empowerment.

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