Leading People Through a Crisis Series – Episode 3

In the Leading People through a Crisis series, Root’s co-founder and chairman, Jim Haudan, hosts a discussion with leaders across all types of industries to share insights and expertise during times of uncertainty.

In this episode, Gary Gray and John Baldoni, share their thoughts on meaningful ways to lead people through crisis.

They discuss the lessons they’ve learned along the way, including:

  • 5:25 – What’s the most important lessons that contribute towards success?
  • 9:28 – What’s your attitude?
  • 14:31 – What role does empathy play?
  • 23:09 – If any, what opportunities have been presented by the current environment?
  • 29:19 – What actions or behaviors are most critical to model during these times of uncertainty?
  • 37:00 – How do you help people with breakthroughs?

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