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By now, we as leaders should know that technology and learning are tied so closely together that we must acknowledge it in the way we ask our employees to take in new information. Whether it’s a training exercise, implementing a new process, or embracing a strategy for the company – technology plays a critical role in how we all absorb data and work on a daily basis. There are three key ideas to keep in mind when thinking about technology and learning in 2013.

1. Think Mobile First and Fast – The numbers are staggering. Here’s just one to consider: While 80% of companies are reporting at least a moderate interest in mobile learning, fewer than 30% of them have an enterprise strategy to embrace and deploy it. How will your organization do it?

2. “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) – Work and leisure time are colliding. Employees are tired of managing separate devices for each. Organizations need to create and support a device-agnostic ecosystem that meets people where they are. Are your employees clamoring for this yet?

3. Embrace “Knowledge Nuggets” – We’re all in a hurry and time itself is at an unprecedented premium. Formal, traditional corporate training isn’t as possible or effective as it once was. Mobile technology can help deliver critical bite-sized information to our teams when they need it to maximize performance. How have you started to reformat your training initiatives?

Paul Ignasinski, Managing Director at Root Inc., shares more on these three priceless tips in his Watercooler® Newsletter article, “Technology & Learning 2013: Three Rules to Live By.” Read the full article here.


Is Your Technology Working for Your Team?
Bringing Mobility to Everyone in the Business

February 21, 2013


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