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Navigating the Health Care Maze

Transparency. Consumerism. Retail competition. Value-based care. Disruptive legislation. The major forces driving broad-based change in health care require provider organizations to be more strategic than ever. Questions plague health care leaders and the answers are hard to come by, even with the brightest minds at work.

Patient Experience

What is the patient experience strategy? Does one even exist? Are there specific directives? Does everyone in the organization understand his or her role in meeting (and even blowing past) leaders’ and patients’ expectations? What does the journey to a stellar patient experience look like, and is the team ready and able to make it happen?

Managing Costs

Understanding the financial intricacies of the health care business is tremendously challenging. What’s the necessity now? Will it be the same next month? When is the next new legislation or regulation coming? Everyone – from leaders and managers to support staff – needs to get a grip on the variability of the marketplace and align on how to keep costs in check.

Culture Integration

Some of the most renowned health care organizations exist as the result of mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, and other arrangements, creating a veritable labyrinth of a business. Different names, cultures, systems, and processes coming together under one roof can be pretty messy. What does it take to unify everyone to walk the same path forward, no matter how they arrive?

Developing Managers

The most critical element of any health care organization is the managers whose job it is to connect these dots and show their people how they matter in the big picture. But do they have the skills? Are they being trained to lead? Can they forge the relationships with their teams to get every person to bring his or her best to work? Sadly, we find the answer is often no.

Root has helped more than 161 health care organizations – including academic hospitals, integrated health systems, and standalone entities – tackle the constant challenges of staying ahead in a fast-evolving industry:

  • Assessing current state and defining future state ideals
  • Engaging executives, clinical staff, managers, and front-line employees in the conversation
  • Developing leadership and coaching skills in managers
  • Deploying scenario-based skillbuilding for the front line
  • Integrating new practices into existing workflow

“The Root team was dedicated, responsive, insightful, and productive throughout the process. We’re very pleased with the early results of our efforts to connect our employees to our strategic plan. Feedback was very positive, and many commented that they couldn’t wait for their staffs to go through the learning experience.” Ken Matzick, CEO, Beaumont Hospitals

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Healthcare Transformation
Healthcare Transformation
Healthcare Transformation

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