Manager Development


Recently, we have seen numerous studies that validate the premise that managers are critical to keeping employees happy and productive. Managers are also, unfortunately, the most overlooked group in an organization when it comes to developing talents – in particular, the skills that make the difference between being an “okay manager” and being a “great manager.” These include communicating, interpersonal skills, team-building, and coaching.

Having programs in place to help managers with those skills is more than just good sense. It could mean the difference between the success or failure of reaching your company strategy and meeting organizational objectives.

The key to this success? Managers should be able to:

  • Know their role
  • Understand the overall business strategy
  • Connect their teams to that strategy
  • Set clear expectations
  • Be able to coach and develop their people based on their individual roles
  • Successfully follow up

If you haven’t trained your managers in these capabilities, how can you expect them to do well in their jobs?

Learn more about the role of your managers in organizations.

March 28, 2012

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