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Change, big or small, is hard. Culture. Strategy. People. Three things that determine the success of an organization, and the most difficult to change. Organizations have amazing ideas, but can’t always implement them. With countless success stories across hundreds of organizations, industries, and decades, change is what we do!

We’re not just talking about surface change. This is deep, meaningful, lasting, transformative change that impacts the entire organization.

How do we get there?

We roll up our sleeves. From the top floor to the front line. We use disruptive methods to get everyone on the same page, understanding the why, what, and how of the change ahead. We unleash the intellect and enthusiasm of teams and individuals to build an organizational movement.

Our Root Change Process galvanizes organizational transformation by integrating culture and strategy and activating the power of people—leaders, managers, and the front line.

“Root’s approach is different than most in that you “tell it like it is” and get to the heart of the matter about what is required for successful and lasting change, even if that message means personal change for top leaders involved, as it did for myself.”
Chairman, President and CEO, PulteGroup

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Aligning Leaders

Leaders must define what’s happening today that’s preventing success and where the organization wants to go using disruptive methods that uncover the real issues, ensuring the strategy is sound and leaders are on precisely the same page.

Uncovering Managers

It’s not just senior leaders who need to walk the talk. To the front line, managers ARE the business. For change to take shape, managers need to introduce it, advocate for it, and demonstrate it to their teams.

Connecting Individuals with Culture & Strategy

The most successful organizations connect their people to the “why” behind change, followed by “what is changing” and then “how I need to change as an individual,” enabling them to activate change in a meaningful way that lasts.

Shifting Mindsets

Once change is aligned on, managers are uncovered, and individuals are connected to the strategy, mindsets shift and transformation accelerates, creating a better-connected workplace that delivers results.

Disruptive Methodologies

Our methodologies are inventive, creative, and social, focused on activation and lasting impact. That is why we choose a combination of consulting and user-centered methods to do more than just inform. We involve, disrupt, and transform.

“66% of the Fortune 50 relies on Root for their approach to change. Why? Because we know exactly how to get leaders clear on the change they want to see, the best way to build organizations movements centered on that change and most importantly make it stick to create the results they need.”
Rich Berens, President of Root Inc.

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