Build an Organizational Movement

Involve and Accelerate

We hear the same story over and over. A large consulting firm is hired to help change direction, take advantage of new trends, or develop game-changing initiatives. The strategy is dropped off. Initial excitement. And then? Nothing…

It's Not Your Fault

The ideas are sound. The people are well intentioned. The path is clear, but often there is misalignment, a lack of follow-through, or even resistance to change.

At Root, we know what goes wrong, and it is why we exist. The hard work that went into the plan must be followed by the harder work of implementation. This won’t happen with a mere mandate from the executive level. It only happens if it’s adopted on every level, by every person, in every department.

True change requires an organizational movement. It takes more than words, and it can’t be accomplished by email and PowerPoint alone. People must understand and embrace: why change, what is changing, and how they need to change.

How Well Do You Know Your Managers?

“Root’s methodologies enabled all employees to see the problems of the business and work through them just as leaders do, thus eliminating resistance and accelerating change, allowing us to connect dots for our employees and deliver great results to our shareholders.”
Vice President, PPG Glass and Fiber Glass

Build a Community of Believers

When teams and individuals understand the bigger picture, the energy behind the details takes shape sooner and becomes more permanent.

Create a Culture of Shared Responsibility

As everyone gains an understanding and gets on the same page, alignment leads to responsibility and action.

Own the Message

Help individuals connect dots, take responsibility, and build enthusiasm toward achieving a common strategy and goal.

Enhance the Change

As understanding becomes realization, it leads to new action. Managers, teams, and individuals are then motivated to share their ideas that could prompt more change in the organization

Disruptive Methodologies

Movements don’t simply happen. They require champions. Our powerful methods, proven through research and client results, are designed to generate understanding, responsibility, and ownership.



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“People at every level of the business want to be involved in and understand why a strategy is changing, how it’s changing, and what their role is in the change. Root delivers innovative, creative, yet proven methods designed to inspire and engage people in the change.”
Gary Magenta, Chief Change Architect, Root Inc.