Despite the strides women have made in the workplace, there is still significant work to do. Corporations everywhere have digested the idea of a larger female presence in their organizations, and what it means to their bottom line. And now, as women desire more from their careers, organizations are charged with the job of helping them achieve it.

Corporate America can’t afford to lose the valuable women they have invested so much time, training, and money in. So how do they ensure their job satisfaction? What role do they play in helping women rise up in the ranks so they too have a seat in the boardroom or a C-suite corner office, while minding the other demands most women have in their lives?

It’s less about talking through changes that need to be made and more about actually making them. Smart CEOs will create an environment that is conducive to a savvier, more confident female workforce. If they don’t, they are at risk of losing the women that have become valuable assets to their organization.

How does your organization support the evolving role of women in your company?

Betsy Myers, Founding Director, Center for Women in Business, Bentley University, examines changing roles of Women in the Workplace in her Watercooler article.

December 27, 2012