Never Stop Learning
It’s good advice, actually. All of us can learn from one another if we take the time to open up and listen. Even community leaders, politicians, and CEOs have room to learn a lesson.

Root has dedicated this year’s Watercooler® Newsletter to the people. That’s right… in case you haven’t heard, it’s the Year of the Person, so we’ve created a special section you can look for in each issue called “Voices from the Trenches.” We want to bring you real perspectives, tangible suggestions, and points of view you may not always see.

A small-town family doctor may offer a lesson in dealing with people as their needs change. A caterer may hold the key to helping you see how to turn a negative workplace into a positive one. And, a soccer coach’s insight into risk-taking and team dynamics may give you the push you need to make that certain change in your organization.

You never know what you might find.

Where did your most recent lesson come from?

Dr. Christine Jones of the Community Care Clinic in Ivydale, West Virginia; Katherine Hilboldt Farrell, Founder and President of Katherine’s Catering in Ann Arbor, Michigan; and Rob Klatte, Head Coach of the Purdue University Women’s Soccer Team offer their insights in the January/February Watercooler® Newsletter feature, “Voices from the Trenches.” Read the full article here.


May 17, 2013