So many organizations today have a training curriculum that resembles an old patchwork quilt. That is to say that over time they have developed course after course, module after module in order to meet specific business needs along the way. In fact this “bolt-on” approach is necessary to address changing business needs. Where organizations fall short is that they fail to stop periodically (regularly) along the way, assess where they are at and make sure that the existing training is current, aligns with the business goals and provides their learner audience with the tools and skills they need to bring the corporate strategy to life through their individual contributions.

Bolting on new learning solution after new learning solution, year after year without this reality check is far from effective and can hardly qualify as a curriculum. While often it is a large undertaking, training professionals must take responsibility for looking at the organizational curriculum from a holistic perspective in order to ensure that it is relevant and current in order to ensure that employees are provided with the most effective and efficient learning opportunities possible.

October 23, 2007


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