Manager Development

Research shows that managers are the most important drivers of employee engagement, and that engaged employees create loyal customers. But front-line managers are “the ‘least ready’ workgroup in the company, even less capable than their entry-level employees” (Bersin & Associates).  Without a strong development program, people learn to lead by chance.  And these are the people who are the face of your organization!

If front-line managers get training at all, it rarely gives them skills needed for hardest part of their job – leading people! We all know that managers are often promoted because they know everything about a certain job, but they may not be the best people to lead and ensure that strategy is brought to life.  What they really need are interpersonal skills and leadership capability developed through compelling, memorable, and meaningful techniques.

If managers don’t understand and internalize what the company is aiming to achieve and their team’s part in it – and motivate and connect their people to it – strategies aren’t executed and training budgets are wasted.

Companies who focus on making their managers “world-class” know that this takes effective, targeted training.  Great managers don’t just happen.  Investing in them not only makes sense, it’s imperative for achieving any organization’s strategy.

April 19, 2012


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