Driving Insights Through People

Human beings work here. By focusing on the human factors of strategy execution – people’s beliefs, knowledge, culture, behaviors, and processes – your organization can overcome the barriers holding your business back from breakthrough results. We tap into your people’s emotions, skills, routines, and habits, along with the work culture, to determine the best way to execute your strategy.

Root goes to the heart of your organization – straight to your employees – to gather data in a personal and insightful manner using a variety of methods, including quantitative, qualitative, ethnographic, and experiential information.  The goal is to provide discoveries that help organizations engage their people’s heads, hearts, and hands better.

Using a proven framework and process, we synthesize our findings into critical insights and uncommon connections to uncover the barriers and obstacles that may be getting in the way of your people giving their best.  The result: better decisions from leaders, engaged employees, and accelerated results.  Who wouldn’t want that in their business?

Root Uses People-Driven Insights to:

  • Explore the gap between policy and procedure
  • Understand why the strategic intent fails to become practical reality
  • Determine if behaviors, culture, or unarticulated needs are getting in the way
  • Redefine and re-frame opportunities for finding solutions to the problem