Learning through events and workshops

As learning designers, it is our duty to present the material in a way that will allow learners to learn effectively. The presentation of information must be tailored to fit various learning styles, because every learner is different. But what is the best way to do this? Our approach to learning is based heavily on our belief that a combination of innovative learning design enhanced by complementary media treatments creates an engaging learning experience for users with all types of learning styles.

To effectively communicate critical information to people with all three learning styles, we use a blend of engaging and unique components. For those who learn visually, we provide rich art and visuals, such as custom 2-D and 3-D illustrations, photos, video, and animations. We also use metaphors to convey meanings and create productive dialog among the learners.

We address auditory learners by incorporating audio and/or video to reinforce visual elements and by providing voiceovers for conversations. Information is read aloud and instructions are presented verbally so that learners receive concise and consistent direction and messaging.

For kinesthetic learners, we use interactive exercises, scenarios and additional hands-on tools and practice components to provide an engaging, fun and interactive learning experience. Additional tools, such as printable job aids and/or takeaways, not only support and enhance the learning, but also allow users to have tangible materials that help to provide a complete learning experience.

The way in which information and concepts are presented is just one key to providing an engaging, valuable learning experience. What other areas are important when developing effective learning? We will continue to post more.

November 10, 2008


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