Amping Up Remote Engagement

Last week I stumbled on a post on LinkedIn (from ATD National) that posed this question: “What are your thoughts, responses to the mindset that training is easy and ‘anyone’ can train”?

All right… Am I the only one who thought of the Pixar movie Ratatouille when Chef Gusteau tells Remy, “Anyone can cook”? Sorry, but with four kids, these are the kinds of movies I typically watch (grin).

“Can anyone train” has been circulating in conversations for decades. And the varying responses are as far east is from west. I’m sure that thesis papers have been written on this topic, so I will not begin to answer this question here. But as we think about Chef Gusteau’s assertion that “anyone can cook,” and then observing Remy (the rat) cooking with much success, let’s consider the factors that led to that success.

Besides Remy’s innate natural ability to combine flavors, what contributed to his development into a cook? And does that suggest that “anyone can train”?

Have you seen the movie? What are your observations? Thoughts?

July 7, 2011


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