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This is a summary of William Isaacs Watercooler Newsletter Article. You can find it here: Accessing Genuine Dialogue

Communication is at the core of any organization.  It surrounds every aspect of company processes and culture and helps create solutions.  Without effective dialogue, achieving real results can be challenging.  But how do you ensure the dialogue in your organization is genuine and meaningful?

The key is to establish an environment in which people can openly exchange ideas and listen to one another.  You have to embrace the “give and take” that accompanies dialogue and strike the right balance for creativity to follow. Employees need to understand how they can hold on to their existing ideas, while also facilitating new, fresh ones.

To achieve alignment on company goals and the strategies to achieve them, people need to get out of their comfort zones.  Remember that not everyone has to agree in order for dialogue to make an impact. It’s about a healthy collaboration – a passionate rearrangement of ideas, old and new. Encouraging and inspiring your people to open up, to share honestly, and to take a chance by speaking freely can help you reach the greatest understanding of where your organization is and where it needs to go.

William Isaacs, Founder and President of Dialogos, delves deeper into the importance of “Accessing Genuine Dialogue” in his Watercooler® article.

How does dialogue work in your organization?

Have you stepped out of your dialogue comfort zone lately?

August 9, 2012