How many times have you heard one of your employees say, “I’m just not creative”? There is a huge misconception that creativity means being artistic. The fact is that anyone can be creative, but there has to be an environment that will help spur and facilitate that creativity. Instead of ending the conversation when an employee claims they are void of creativity, look for opportunities to leverage your surroundings to foster and harness creative behavior.

Most managers believe that work and play should always be kept separate. However, many times, the most creative ideas are born out of play. Just like anything in life, it’s about striking a balance that works for your organization, even if it pushes you out of your comfort zone regarding maintaining “seriousness” in the workplace. It’s undeniable that creative juices will flow more freely when someone feels relaxed versus pressured. So give it a shot! Whether you know it or not, your organization is bustling with creative ideas, you just have to forgo some traditional mindsets and predictability to uncover them.

Kelsey Ruger, Vice President, Design and Innovation, ChaiOne, shares “7 Habits of Highly Creative Organizations” in his Watercooler® article.

October 23, 2012


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