The clichés, sayings and colloquialisms about strong leadership and the customer experience could fill a book. Everyone has an opinion of what management skills make an effective manager and what different tactics may get you there. Even with all these opinions, a lot of people don’t invest enough resources or energy grooming their leaders to lead.

At Root, we spend a lot of time in the trenches with managers across many industries and there’s one thing we know for sure: Developing your managers to the best of their potential WILL impact your customers. There are many different types of management styles, and we believe there’s room for a variety of them at the table. But regardless of style, all great managers usually have one thing in common, no matter what… they have been armed with the knowledge and management skills to effectively represent their brands at the frontline.

To us, and to our hundreds of Fortune 2000 customers, this means:

  • Managers must know their role
  • Managers must know your business
  • Managers must know how to connect their team to the business
  • Managers need polished interpersonal skills to coach and develop their teams to deliver results

These four management skills can mean the difference between success and failure at the frontline and with your customers. After all, first impressions are crucial – whether personal or professional. And today’s consumers are smart. They make decisions VERY quickly about your brand. If you want a loyal customer base eager to do business with you again and again, then your frontline must have the management skills to provide the best customer experience possible. Whether they’re already there, need a little push, or a complete overhaul, there’s always something new to learn.

August 11, 2015


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