Does it seem that all the e-learning you see is “cookie-cutter” – based on classical instructional design that is rigid, with minimal interactivity?

We look at drag and drops, matching, quizzes, and other methodologies as a way to effectively engage users in content. If only learning were so simple! Often, we forget about the subtleties of how people learn.

For example, how many of us think of Seductive Details when constructing e-learning? It sounds sexy and alluring, but in reality, it’s a technique that has been proven to increase retention and recall. By introducing an interesting fact to help maintain a learner’s attention, memory of the central topics will increase.

A side benefit is the challenge presented to the learning designer to skillfully use the Seductive Detail. Rather than assembling rapidly developed presentation style e-learning, the developer is required to put more thought, passion, and creativity into the design – which ultimately benefits the learner!

The Seductive Detail may not work for every client or every situation, but imagine the countless and slightly obscure learning theories, hypotheses, and approaches that can add both creativity and effectiveness into e-learning design! With a little digging and knowledge sharing, the potential to raise the bar in learning design is infinite.

It would be great to hear about other approaches similar to the Seductive Detail, although the names may not seem as alluring!

January 9, 2008


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