Staffing can be tough.  It takes a lot of effort and investment on the part of an organization to find the right person for the job you’re trying to fill.  So once you’ve put in all of that hard work, you want to make sure it was not all in vain.  The bulk of staff turnover typically occurs in the first 45 days of employment and 46% of first-time employee’s washout in their first 18 months.

So starting everyone off on the right foot is critical.  Making an employee’s first months and year as successful as possible begins before they even show up for Day 1.  And it goes far beyond just making sure they fill out all of the paperwork, pointing them to their workspace, and giving them access to the building.

Best-in-class companies take the long view to ensuring their people are set up for success.  They immerse the new people in the company’s culture and vision.  They take steps to help connect the person’s role to the company’s strategy.  They are interested in the feedback of the employee to continue improving their experience and the experiences of future hires.  It’s not a one-day or one-week process.

Not only do these approaches help reduce turnover and associated costs – they yield business benefits as well.  A comprehensive onboarding program can get new hires up to speed quicker and adding value sooner by eliminating long learning curves.  And when you get a reputation for being a great employer, you will continue to attract and retain top talent.

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November 20, 2012


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