Jennie Thomas

Senior Consultant, Unlocking Talent

As a Leadership Development Consultant at Root Inc., Jennie is dedicated to supporting, empowering, and advocating for those in manager and leadership roles. Instead of training managers, she believes in transforming them. She knows firsthand how critical managers can be in executing strategy and championing change in an organization – they can be a choke point or an accelerant of results.

Jennie spent over a decade in retail operations, leading teams and managing business functions. She has truly lived the challenges and rewards of a manager. Her success in this role came from a commitment to focusing on her people in order to drive business results. As her passion for leadership development grew, Jennie transitioned to the corporate environment, where she could devote her time and career to strengthening the skills of managers and leaders within several organizations. In fact, Jennie first connected with Root Inc. as a client! She brings to Root extensive experience in building and implementing creative learning and development solutions and facilitating instructor-led sessions. Her thorough and detailed approach and dedication to quality have been praised by both internal and external clients.
A Chicago native, Jennie is happy to represent the Root Compass® team in Root’s Chicago office, located in the historic Civic Opera House. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Arts, Entertainment & Media Management from Columbia College Chicago, marrying her creative interests and business acumen.

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