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Manager Development

Most people in their professional careers aspire to be managers. But when that day finally comes, most people are woefully unprepared for the myriad activities that we must be responsible for – including the well-being and development of the team members we are managing.

Learning to be a good coach is one of the biggest challenges – helping that next level of people find their own voices, their productivity, and yes, even their happiness in their roles and responsibilities. In many cases, they were an exceptional individual contributor and someone decided it was time to give them more responsibility, including a team of people, usually with little to no training on how to be a manager. This is not going to set anyone up for success – the new manager or the people they are managing.

In addition to not having the skills to successfully manage people, most managers also have not been mentored or given any preparation to help them get approvals on projects. So when a team and manager have been tasked with a new strategy or initiative, they don’t know how to get those decision makers above them to sign-off on new ideas or projects that will support that strategy. This is particularly true if it’s a new or different way of doing things than what’s been utilized before.

Root’s Gary Magenta has spent a lot of time thinking about both of these challenges. In these two short videos he discusses:

  1. Why it’s important for organizations to focus efforts on moving their managers to a coaching model because there’s a direct correlation to an increase in employee engagement, employee productivity, and business results.
  2. Best practices for influencing senior leaders to get their buy-in on projects and ideas.

Critical Manager Skills: Learning to Coach Effectively

June 3, 2012


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