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Kenexa is in the business of improving companies and enriching lives through HR solutions backed by behavioral science insight and the unique combination of content, technology, and services. Each year, the company conducts a Compensation Outlook Survey to obtain a deeper view into HR’s perception of engagement, pride, retention, and other factors affecting human capital.

Following the most recent study, Kenexa compared the data gathered with a similar survey from visitors to its consumer website,, and to World Norms from Kenexa’s Employee Engagement database.

What they found may surprise you!

In short, HR’s perception of employee attitudes is off the mark in every category.

Here’s a taste: The Compensation Outlook Survey revealed that 83% of HR professionals believe employees will stay with the organization in the coming year, but the figure is only 57% in the World Norms data and 41% for visitors.

So, what gives?

Kenexa’s research shows the HR function has become too distanced from the employee population, leading to a misunderstanding of where the employee mindset truly is. Business is business, yes. But it’s also personal – and it’s about making the workforce smarter.

Are you in tune with what your employees are thinking?

Lena M. Bottos, VP of Compensation at Kenexa, shares insights from the Kenexa Compensation Outlook Survey in her January/February Watercooler®Newsletter article, “Mind the Gap – Knowing What Employees Want Is Key.”

March 6, 2013


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