Business today is changing faster than ever – but your people aren’t.

You can’t deny it. Industries and businesses are being disrupted at an accelerated pace – what used to happen in three years now happens in three months. At this rate, how are your people dealing with change? Chances are they’re not okay. Why? Because change is emotional, not just intellectual. If you want to achieve the change your organization is after, you’ve got to help your people through it. That starts with your change leaders.

During this virtual experience, you’ll get an opportunity to:

  • Recognize the important roles of a change leader
  • Identify the impact of change on the organization, my team, and me
  • Create shared meaning that clarifies the path forward
  • Use storytelling to help people thrive through change

What You Can Expect

Join us for a half-day virtual event, where you’ll have the opportunity to explore bringing Leading Change by Root to your organization. The best way to evaluate a program is to see it in action, so we invite you to bring a team free of charge. This experience includes large group facilitation and small group conversations. Each organization will have their own breakout room so the conversation will be relevant to you and your organization. We’re offering you 8 seats altogether:

  • 5-6 change leaders or advocates in your organization—you are invited to bring people from the target audience for this program to determine whether their peers will benefit from this experience
  • 1-3 decision makers who are tasked with driving change initiatives in your organization

This will be a highly interactive experience, so block your calendar and come ready to participate!

Event Details

Wednesday, December 07, 2022
12:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET

Virtual event


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