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Forty-five years ago, the Beatles told us that “Money Can’t Buy You Love.”  But I work with leaders of global companies every day who are trying their best to get their employees to “love them,” and in many cases they are trying to buy that love.  They may use different terms in place of “love,” such as engagement in their work, loyalty, or emotional involvement.

Regardless of the term, they want their workers to love the company, believing that that love will have a positive impact on how employees treat their customers. In return, then, the customer will reward them with the ultimate prize – their loyalty.

I witness leaders of organizations who are trying to create the perfect reward and recognition systems or to calculate the right bonus formula and healthcare package.  All of these things are important, but they don’t create the strongest bond, one that will translate into both employee and customer loyalty.  Employees don’t emotionally engage because they are offered the best bonus package, and the cheapest price does not create a loyal customer.

My experience tells me that it’s not about the money; money can’t buy you love from your employees. Employees can truly love their organizations only when they:

  • Are committed and take pride in the organization’s vision.
  • Understand the business strategy that supports the vision.
  • Know exactly how they contribute to the success of the business and strategy.
  • Share common values with their company.

What other factors have you seen that create love between an employee and company?

January 25, 2012


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