When the executive team of Hilton Garden Inn (HGI) noticed new competition going after their target market and challenges with customer satisfaction and loyalty, the hotel giant knew it needed to make a change. This would require taking a deep look at every level of the organization and unearthing the barriers that were holding the organization back. HGI realized that it needed to form a better connection with its employees, so they, in turn, could better connect with guests. This domino effect would be the beginning of a huge and positive change for HGI that started with empowering its people.

By partnering with Root, HGI was able to devise a strategy to facilitate these connections and reenergize its brand. And so, the Hilton Garden Inn Satisfaction Promise was born. The new guarantee served as the foundation of a global program meant to engage the hearts and minds of employees – all with the goal of elevating the customer experience in mind. Root and HGI utilized a variety of tools such as videos, board games, and team huddles to encourage interactivity and to help employees at every level truly embrace the Satisfaction Promise. HGI also shared its promise with guests to actively show them they were top priority. The program helped HGI improve employee satisfaction as well as its customer loyalty and the experience it was able to deliver to guests.

Lynn Smith, Director of Brand Culture and Internal Communications, and Adrian Kurre, Global Head of the HGI Brand, reveal the impact of “Creatively Connecting with Team Members to Drive Guest Loyalty” in their Watercooler® article.

October 11, 2012