Tilt-shift Thinking…

on December 1, 2009

I’m fascinated with a new visual craze hitting photo circles called tilt-shift photography.  This is a technique where the lens is actually not directly attached to camera but separated by a “shiftable” lens or other homemade device.  It gives photos a blurred effect around all portions of the photo but the middle. This makes the items in focus look miniaturized.  There have been videos created with tilt-shift photos that give you a sense that you are watching toys move across the screen.  (See some examples after the jump.)

So I was thinking about the perception that these photos give viewers.  I’ll admit I had been quite skeptical that these photos were taken of actual places or people until I realized how they were taken.

In business, employees are often skeptical of strategies and initiatives until the “how” is revealed to them. Reality looks skewed or misguided. But when you take the time to provide a clear picture of how you’ve come to where you are, you can bring things into better focus

What happens when these images are captured in sequence and strung together? Magic.

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