Easy to Activate. Accelerates Timelines. Builds Critical Skills.

Root has created a new series of experiences for immediate use to tackle your most pressing change challenges. You can quickly take your employees’ emotional pulse, change mindsets, improve managers’ coaching skills, and build leaders’ capabilities to lead change across your organization.


During periods of transition, decisions are made based on three areas of uncertainty: the current state, the ability to respond to it, and the impact it has on the future. Assess how your people have experienced the current state of the business, their capabilities for continuing to thrive through change, and their perceptions of how COVID-19 and other uncertainty might impact the company’s future and their role in it. Use the results to ensure that you and your leadership team are aligned on priorities and a successful activation plan that meets your people where they are emotionally and intellectually.


Virtual workshops offer one-hour interactive experiences for your leaders and your managers that leverage scenario-based and discussion-based learning. Topics may include:

  • Changing mindsets
  • Guiding others through change and ambiguity
  • Supporting behavior change
  • Keeping culture strong
  • Creating a culture of business agility


In two hours or less, using virtual Root Learning Map® experiences, you can take small groups through interactive and engaging discussions. The first experience allows you to have valuable discussions on how your people are feeling right now and how you can help them get past their concerns and fears. The second experience offers the opportunity for people to uncover what change is and what is their role is in change. These experiences enable you to understand the internal and external factors that make engaging your teams more difficult and helps the masses understand where your people are on the change continuum. Following this experience, your business will see quicker adoption of change initiatives leading to accelerated results and outcomes.


The Leading Change by Root™ workshop is a fully virtual experience designed to equip influencers from across the organization with the mindsets and skillsets to support and lead change efforts. While many organizations have become change-certified and have access to tools and templates to manage the process, these traditional change management practices are not enough to guide your business through change. You also need empathetic leaders who understand that people bring change to life, and it’s an emotional journey just as much as an intellectual endeavor. Leading Change by Root™ helps transform your people and your organization from change resistant to change ready and change resilient.


Now more than ever, your managers need capabilities to connect their remote or in-person teams to the shifting business priorities and their role in delivering those priorities. Most importantly, your managers must know how to coach their people to high performance while also meeting their current emotional needs. This virtual experience can be delivered to your managers regardless of their location.


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