A new year conjures images of a fresh start in almost every aspect of our lives. While it’s no secret that I’m not into the whole idea of New Year’s resolutions, I do believe that the beginning of a new year offers huge opportunity. It’s a chance to look at things with a fresh set of eyes. And that includes professionally.

With 2016 just underway, as managers we have the ability to hone in on new perspectives that will benefit our teams and our organizations as a whole.
Here are some tips to get your wheels spinning and provide a running start into the year.
  1. Start the day on a positive note. We know the whole notion that everything trickles down a corporate chain. And that includes the tone you set when you walk into the office each day. So even if you sat in unbearable traffic for an hour after dumping your coffee on your shirt because your bent down to pick up the keys you dropped…when you open the door to your workplace, see it as a fresh beginning to the day. Say something nice to your employees. Positivity is contagious so spread that stuff around!
  2. Lead by example. It’s not enough to rattle off a laundry list of things you want your employees to do. Move beyond talk and let your actions help emphasize your expectations. This works with big and small items. For example…don’t want your employees eating lunch at their desk everyday because you think it’s good to have a change of scenery? Then you should follow your own advice. Your team takes cues from you even when you think they’re not watching.
  3. Focus on employee development. When we hire someone, it’s because we see potential in them. We see them as a fit for our team and recognize skills that will make them an asset to our organization. But after we hire them and onboard, that’s where the real work begins. As managers we should strive to develop our employees throughout their career. Look for tools, workshops and activities – internal and external – that will make your team even better in 2016!
  4.  Communicate. While your employees may be all kinds of awesome, they cannot read your mind or each other’s. So, this year make sure you facilitate open communication at every turn. The more feedback loops, the better. Nobody ever suffered negative consequences from over-communicating!
  5. Recognize successes. Big AND small. Positive reinforcement is not just for kids. We all love it. Who doesn’t like a little pat on the back for a job well done…especially a public one!?
There is an underlying theme to all of these tips, and that is to have a positive perspective. So let’s use 2016 to ooze positivity throughout our teams and companies. And if you have additional tips that fit the bill, please tweet them to me @GMagenta using #newyearnewperspective
January 18, 2016


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