For this discussion, we will define the outpatient health care industry as the providers, systems, and investors that come together to address health care provided outside the hospital in ambulatory settings. This virtual roundtable will include leaders across the outpatient space, including but not limited to:

  • Health care executives (e.g., CEOs, COOs, CDOs, CMOs)
  • Outpatient HC investors (equity and debt)
  • Physicians and practice owners

Background (Why Now?)

Never let a crisis go to waste. The pandemic accelerated the migration to outpatient modalities and accelerated the adoption of virtual care. The results have been new delivery models that are consumer-centric and provide care everywhere.

With a more stable landscape on the horizon, the outpatient space is facing three big challenges in 2021: determining the role of telehealth after explosive growth; reducing physician burnout by effectively managing digital tools and aligning incentives; and reshaping health platforms for growth.

For many organizations, effectively prioritizing these challenges will be table stakes and will determine their long-term trajectory.

Discussion Questions


  • Will technology continue to impact care where the delivery vector is still very reliant on human caregivers? If so, how?
  • Even if you have sophisticated data science running in the background, transforming those insights into real changes in prescriptive care is the last-mile problem. How is your organization thinking about this?

Consolidation and Transactions

  • On the horizon is a push toward transparency about how dollars flow through our ownership structure. How do we account for these headwinds in our transaction pipeline?

 Future Delivery Models

  • Physicians are retiring at a record pace, and the physicians who are continuing to work are facing burnout. What is your organization doing to address the emerging physician labor gap?

This virtual event is held in partnership with Berry, Bass & Sims PLC and Redwood Advisors LLC.

Event Details

Friday, March 26, 2021
10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. ET

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