720 Haircuts

Creating Customers for Life

Gary Magenta reveals the secret sauce that makes your customers want to keep coming back like his Uncle Mel, who for the last 60 years has driven up to 100 miles round trip for his monthly haircut. That’s 720 Haircuts! And THAT is the perfect example of a customer for life!

How does a company build that kind of loyalty?

In 720 Haircuts, you’ll learn about the customer experience you and your organization must deliver if you want to develop a level of customer satisfaction that endures through time. You’ll see the vital roles of leaders, managers, and your front line in building a culture that delivers the highest level of customer satisfaction.

The bottom line: by approaching your customer experience using these tried and true methods, you’ll create a multitude of Uncle Mels who will be your lifelong fans.

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About the Author

Gary Magenta is passionate about exceptional customer experiences, developing leaders and managers so they can give their best to their teams and their companies – and about almost any reality show on TV. The author of The Un-Bossy Boss and the recently published book, 720 Haircuts – Creating Customers for Life, Gary has more than 30 years of experience helping Fortune 500 and Global 2000 organizations create transformative change, exceptional leaders and managers, and stellar customer experiences.

Interested in having Gary speak at your organization? Good News! He loves to speak.