Gary Magenta

Thousands of people have laughed, cried and danced their way through Gary Magenta’s unique and exhilarating sessions. (Yes, danced!) Whether a private corporate event or a big industry conference, executives, managers and front-line employees look to Gary to inspire, transform and elevate their work and lives.

A Speech to Remember

Gary’s highly engaging, humorous and direct approach bring insights based on more than 30 years of expertise helping organizations change.

Who is Gary?

Gary Magenta is an internationally renowned speaker, author, and wiseguy. Whatever the challenge, Gary brings more than 30 years of business experience to every client, supported by a realistic outlook, a durable “street sense” for creating results, and a sense of humor that puts things into perspective. Gary is a highly sought after media resource and speaker for client events, industry conferences, and business strategy and human resources seminars.

He has been recognized with a Stevie American Business Award for Executive of the Year. Gary lives in Chicago, Illinois and Fort Myers Beach, Florida with his wife and has two grown sons. He is a serious foodie, a Google fanatic and an unapologetic reality show junkie.

Areas of Expertise

  • Culture Change
  • Leadership Development
  • Leadership Alignment/Strategy
  • Employee Engagement
  • Manager Development
  • Retail/Hospitality/ Transportation
  • Customer Experience — Customers for Life
  • Coaching

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Organizations that swear by Gary

Keynotes | Workshops | Half Days | Full Days

From small groups to auditoriums filled with more than 5,000 people, Gary’s speeches engage, entertain and disrupt with relevant topics for industry conferences, business strategy and human resources and client events. Topics include:

Disrupt, Defy, Differentiate

Three keys of great retail disruption (They will work for you, too!)

  • Discover what great disruptors do
  • The steps you need to take to disrupt
  • How to evaluate what your company is doing now

Ultimate Customer Experience:

How to have buyers jumping over the competition to get to you

  • Discover the importance of a customer-first culture
  • How to empower managers to act like owners
  • The difference an authentic exchange can make

Organizational Transformation:

Build a bridge from where you are to where you want to be

  • Discover how the most successful organizations make change happen
  • The proven change process
  • How important people are to the change process

The Power of Managers:

The secret weapon to engage employees, accelerate change, and drive results

  • Discover how to transform managers into your chief engagement officers
  • How to accelerate your business growth through your managers
  • What every manager needs to know to be successful

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Gary's Books

720 Haircuts

In 720 Haircuts, you'll learn about the customer experience your organization must deliver if you want to develop a level of customer satisfaction that endures through time. Using entertaining stories combined with practical advice, you'll see the vital roles of leaders, managers, and your frontline in building a culture that delivers the highest level of Customer Experience.

The Un-Bossy Boss

Through humor and real-life case studies, The Un-Bossy Boss shows how the old model of managing—the “yell and tell” method—is outdated and ineffective. Gary offers readers a map to success involving a more interactive role between managers and employees, one that reveals motivations and beliefs of workers, and invites them to become invested in creating solutions.

Hear What Others Have to Say

I was at the DFW Vistage All City on Tuesday and heard your talk, it was outstanding! Your content is on point and relevant today plus its actionable!

—Nathan Potter, CEO, DW Distribution Inc

Over the years, Gary Magenta has challenged countless managers to improve the way they lead and engage their teams. The Un-Bossy Boss offers sound strategies to help managers get the best results from their teams – and from themselves.

—Christy Contardi Stone, Senior Vice President - People & Performance, Health Care REIT, Inc.

You set the bar so high that I did not enjoy rest of the workshops :). Your energy level is amazing and I really enjoyed that hour with you. I can’t wait to read your book and thanks again.

—Center Manager, Land Rover

Before Gary Magenta came on board at San Diego County Regional Airport Authority, we had tried several approaches to align our leadership team. Each time we started with a bang and gradually fizzled out. Enter Gary Magenta. We started with a bang and over a year later, our team is more highly engaged and energized than ever.

—Thella Bowens CEO, San Diego County Regional Airport Authority

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