Top 3 Mistakes in Activating Strategy

Everyone’s heard the statistic: 60–90% of strategies fail. Why? People issues. Leaders’ most common beliefs are things like:

  • My people aren’t smart enough to figure out what needs to change.
  • We don’t have the right people in the roles.
  • We need to restructure.
  • Our middle management is weak.

But these are largely the symptoms of much bigger challenges.

So what are the real issues? First of all, your leadership team. Your top six to eight executives set the tone for the way strategies are communicated and internalized by every single person in your organization. And second, your managers. It’s critical that they understand their role in leading change and bringing strategies to life through their teams.

Your next strategy can defy the odds when you begin to look at how you and your leaders are activating your strategy. Uncover the most common mistakes and three tips to revamp your strategy activation process.

Gut check your strategy activation readiness today.

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