The Canyon

The Canyon reflects the reality of people’s day-to-day jobs at all levels and functions of an organization. Dealing with those realities is the first step towards creating engaged employees and executing strategies like superstars. When leaders don’t face reality head-on, it does not bode well for organizations achieving their goals.

Explore The Canyon

Scrolling down the page will allow you to explore The Canyon in order.


  • Do you see any similarities between your organization and the canyons that exist in the video?
  • What are the root causes of the canyons you see?
  • How well does your leadership team tackle any chasms that exist between people and strategy?

Changing Marketplace

  • What changing marketplace conditions are having an effect on your business?
  • How are these external forces changing your financial realities, your ability to achieve your goals and how you get your people aligned and focused on those outcomes?


  • When you look at the disconnects happening at the leader level, why do you think these happen?
  • If you think about your own leadership team, where do you think they are most and least aligned?


  • What challenges are the managers in your organization struggling to overcome?
  • Do you see greater gaps in your organization between leaders and managers or managers and doers? Why?


  • When you think about your organization, what are the biggest challenges that individual contributors are struggling to overcome? Do the images in the video depict accurate day-to-day realities?
  • What is most needed to better help your doers understand what we need to do to win in the marketplace and how they can contribute to it?


  • How would you characterize your organization's ability to drive customer satisfaction?
  • Where do you see the greatest opportunity to create greater customer intimacy?