Two Spheres

A bi-weekly podcast that aims to discover the commonalities between business and creative excellence in the city of Detroit.

Creative vigor and commerce. Art and Business. Nebulous artistic passion and professional structure. Once a stark juxtaposition, now harmonized unions with the same goal: using purpose, passion and craft to grow and improve communities.

The City of Detroit is building on the newly realized momentum of the last decade. Two prevailing trends that are the underpinnings of this revitalization and effervescent throughout the streets of the city: creative energy and business venture. One side represents the imagination, rhythm, and artistic emotion of the city. The other represents analytical thinking, combinatorial logic, and problem solving needed to ground the city in stable, long term prosperity.

There are multiple spheres of the city. We aim, not only to explore, but discover the commonalities between them. Follow Nolan McNulty and David Kalman as they have conversations with the business leaders and creatives who are at the leading edge of Detroit’s next renaissance. Their conversations will explore how the passionate pursuit of one’s purpose and craft can become a conduit for promoting dialogue and collaboration among people that leads to positive impact on society and community.

S01,E09: Jacques Panis/Terra Castro

Uniting Movement in Community with the scale and growth of a new brand. Terra Castro, fitness extraordinaire and founder of the Detroit Body Garage and Jacques Panis, CEO of New World Diamonds join our conversation today. One parlayed her career as a triathlete into a thriving community gym, the other is galvanizing a brand for ethically made diamonds. In the last episode of season 1, David and Nolan discuss purpose, passion, the beauty of relationships, and a celebration of West Village. This conversation is a perfect cap to a great journey with business leaders and creatives alike.

S01,E08: Regina Gaines/Jon Rimanelli

Uber of the Sky and the Starbucks of Wine? Maybe some wine during a rideshare in the air! With our guests today, the future is now. Jon Rimanelli, CEO at ASX Technologies and Regina Gaines, Founder and CEO at House of Pure Vin join our conversation today. In our discussion, we talk about why Detroit has all the right ingredients to start a business. For Jon, the manufacturing infrastructure of Detroit provides an incredible bedrock for the next great technology company of tomorrow. For Regina, the entrepreneurial spirit and support system of Detroit makes this area ‘ripe’ for the next innovative wine company. Move over Silicon Valley and move over Napa Valley—Detroit has great pivot game.

S01,E07: Amy Peterson/Hubert Massey

One creates large scale art installations in fresco style, the other runs a social enterprise empowering woman by transforming shavings of graffiti into unique jewelry. World renown muralist, Dr. Hubert Massey and Founder and CEO of Rebel Nell, Amy Peterson join us in studio today. In a truly inspiring and fun conversation, we circle around the topics of art, community engagement, and empowerment. We also tell stories of our worst luck, and ‘attempting’ to be sneaky.

S01,E06: Brent Yax/Jarret Schlaff

One Bootstrapped his way to Tech viability, the other is empowering veterans to pull themselves up by their bootstraps…by literally sewing straps on boots. The possibilities for metaphors are as endless as the conversation! Brent Yax, CEO at Awecomm Technologies, and Jarret Schlaff, Co-Founder and CEO of Pingree Detroit jump into the booth today. David and Nolan talk with the group about the importance of sustainable work for Veterans, competitive advantage of tech for small and mid-sized companies, hidden gems in the neighborhood, and our best stories of our troubled youth.

S01,E05: Charlie Estey/Kacee Must

A cross-market health and wellness consulting executive links up with the founder and owner of the fastest-growing Yoga company in Michigan. Charlie Estey, EVP at Asset Health and Kacee Must of Citizen Yoga join Nolan in the studio today. In one of the most synergistic conversations this season, Charlie and Kacee delve into the virtues of wellness in work and in life. Whether creating campaigns to cascade throughout large companies or helping a student master their first half-moon pose, our guests remind us that “Wellness starts with ‘We’”.

S01,E04: Dy-Min Johnson/Jessica Minnick

The lovely ladies at Not Sorry Apparel join our conversation today. Co-Founders Dy-Min Johnson and Jessica Minnick are championing a lifestyle brand that is as unapologetic as the customers they’re serving. People are unique, and Not Sorry Apparel celebrates that. One runs the brand, the other runs the books: both advocate for genuine expression, sustainable products, and true identity. David and Nolan dig deep on Dy-Min and Jessica’s mission for their brand, vision for Detroit, and Detroit’s diverse people worth celebrating. The ladies also share stories of their first bosses and the power of leadership. PS: big shoutout to @TaylorSwift. We know you’re listening.

S01,E03: Dr. Paul Thomas/Anthony Grupido

Modern-day magician using his craft for a broader purpose and a Direct Primary Care physician disrupting a Billion Dollar Industry. Dr. Paul Thomas and Anthony Grupido join our conversation today. We talk physical health, mental health and the purpose behind providing holistic healthcare.

S01,E02: Kristin Welch/Josh York

Venture Pipeline Lead at Ford X and a creative streetwear owner with a unique mission. Kristin Welch and Josh York join our conversation today. We talk mobility, bringing and keeping top talent in Detroit, life as a startup in a rapidly changing Corktown, and why Detroit is the best place to build a creative startup.

S01,E01: Todd Sachse/Michael Dedenbach

Where do the spheres of a Construction CEO intersect with the Owner and Curator of a Clothing store? We met with Todd Sachse and Michael Dedenbach to have a conversation around the importance of customer experience, working with your hands, and the rising cost of real estate in Detroit. Learn about the ways Sachse Construction is making construction ‘sexy’, Michael’s balance between online and in-store sales, our worst haircuts, the power of collaboration, and much more.