Root Leader and Manager Development

Unleashing Leader Potential at Every Level

What makes a great leader? Most of us weren’t born with it. Yet, somehow, we got the job. With it came the unrealistic expectation that as high performers we’d easily master the business of leading people. That it’s a piece of cake. No, not so much. It’s a lot more like an unsavory plate of brussels sprouts.

Strategic knowledge. Storytelling. A talent for engaging and inspiring every person on the team and revealing their purpose. These abilities? They are the heart and soul of a great leader. And it takes far more than a management and self-help book to hone them. They must be carefully taught. The skills must be deliberately practiced. And applied…over and over.

Disruptive methods. Renowned and Proven Approaches.

At Root, we understand both the art and the science of leading people. We unleash the power and potential of leaders at all levels. Whether it’s a senior leader or a first-time manager, we don’t just train; we transform. Leaders become powerful collaborators who set clear direction, go first, act authentically, and inspire others to bring their best selves to work every day.

We are more than change consultants. We offer disruptive methods, like our renowned Root Compass® Manager Development program created specifically to unleash the power and purpose of managers to accelerate change. It has transformed the way managers think, work, and act in countless organizations. The result? Breakthrough performance and lasting culture change.

At the senior leader level, our disruptive methods deliver high-performing decision makers who own the whole and not just their piece. They are relentless truth tellers. They know authenticity and collaboration are what ignite better outcomes.

We believe there is no better investment to be made or a more tangible upside to an organization. Period.

“The consultative and facilitative skills of the Root team helped us reach new levels of clarity and alignment at the most senior level of the organization.” Former Chairman and CEO, Textron.”