Transform Your Managers Webinar

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

The fastest way to change your business is through your managers. But that doesn’t happen unless you stop training and start transforming them. While most organizations offer manager development programs, their effectiveness varies widely. That’s because they’re not preparing managers to be accelerants of change.

High-performing managers who are successful in creating change and building high-performing teams have four major capabilities in common:

  • Understanding the role and true purpose of a manager
  • Knowing the business inside and out
  • Connecting the team to the strategy
  • Using leadership skills like relationship building, communication, coaching, and celebrating to ignite team performance and deliver the right business outcomes

In this interactive webinar, we’re going to explore how you can help your managers become much more successful using a GPS system that helps you navigate through this proven, four-step approach.

What will I get out of this webinar? You’ll walk out with some initial steps you can take immediately to build up your managers’ capabilities to kick-start and accelerate your business’s change.

Why is this different? The beauty of this interactive webinar is it enables you to use the understanding we’ve gained over 25 years of working with managers. You’ll learn the capabilities managers need to be successful and immediately apply these insights in your organization, using a practical and engaging way to navigate the process.

Who should attend? Ideally suited to those in Human Resources, Talent Development, Learning & Training and Organizational Development – anyone who is responsible for building your people’s capabilities