When you can’t leave your house, you start to work a little differently. Dressed for success on top to look like a shining star on camera for your team; weekend mode sweatpants on the bottom that are stained with spaghetti sauce from your latest voyage to your refrigerator. The unfortunate reality is we’re likely only getting 50% of our team members’ attention as well. There is so much noise to compete with!

As a leader, how do you clearly and concisely convey rapid business shifts to your people during times of uncertainty? How do you break through the noise?

Leaders, at all levels, need to embody the traits of a masterful storyteller to engage the hearts and minds of their people. No matter their role or location, it’s crucial that your people connect emotionally and intellectually with the message you are communicating and act on it.

In this free, 30-minute virtual experience, you’ll gain ideas and approaches that are compelling, engaging, and effective. You’ll walk away with:

  • How to connect your people to what’s most important to your business
  • Insights on building strong emotional engagement
  • Ways to apply methods like storytelling and visualization that will inspire your people to act from anywhere

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