Leading, Activating, and Sustaining Change Webinar

Thursday, November 01, 2018

The scale and speed of change in today’s marketplace are unprecedented – scary, even. We all know driving change through your organization is really tough, but the reality is change is the new normal. As an organizational leader, you need to be an expert at leading and embedding change throughout your organization. Your professional future may even depend on it.
This is where things get fuzzy – what does great change actually look like? Well, it starts with your people. You need to enroll your people in executing a new strategic direction, transforming culture, enhancing the customer experience, or bringing two companies together. While there are no shortcuts, there are tried-and-true accelerators. You’ll explore insights and practical methods to build your capabilities as a change leader and accelerate the desired change in your organization.

We know you have questions, and we have answers (SPOILER ALERT: the key is through your employees).

In just 60 minutes, you will walk away with:

  • A practical and proven framework to create an organizational movement that enables change to truly take hold
  • New methods you can use immediately to become a more effective change leader in your organization
  • Insights on how to use visualization and humor to get the unspoken issues on the table
  • Approaches for creating the story of what winning looks like and engaging others in it to spark a movement

What will I get out of this webinar?
While we love to help our clients, we’ll teach you how to apply these methods without having to call in the consultants. You’ll walk away with practical methods that will enhance your ability to lead and accelerate the desired change inside your organization.

Why is this different?
Unlike most dry, lecture-driven webinars, this is an interactive experience that enables you and your colleagues to take the daunting concept of creating change and immediately begin to apply it to your organization or team using storytelling, visuals, and humor. These concepts have been successfully used by leaders at more than 70% of the Fortune 50.

Who should attend?
Designed for organizational leaders across disciplines – Operations, Technology, HR & Talent, Marketing & Communications, Strategy, Customer Experience, Employee Experience, or Sales