Watercooler® Sketch Kits

About Watercooler® Sketch Kits

Critical conversations become more valuable when you help people “see” them. From managing change to onboarding to building organizational trust, Watercooler Sketch Kits use humor and truth to guide greater insight and gather knowledge from your team, while improving overall performance.

Using a visual that unabashedly brings up the issues that people typically discuss in the halls, at the watercooler, and in the bathroom, these kits give people the opportunity to talk about their fears and challenges in a safe environment – because their concerns have been validated.

Watercooler Sketch Kit Topics

Root’s Watercooler Sketch Kits cover a wide range of topics and tackle the biggest challenges facing organizations by focusing on the issues and not the people.

Highlighted Topics with Visuals

Integration Maelstrom

Help your organization overcome the common issues organizations face when blending two companies or entities during a merger or acquisition.

High Noon in Yesterday Town
Change Management

Empower your people to overcome their fear when facing big change or transformation in your office.

Why Great Employees Leave Bad Managers
Manager Development

A bad manager is the number one reason why employees leave jobs. Uncover opportunities for developing manager capabilities.

Left in the Dark

Onboarding is a critical tool for ensuring new employee success. Discover if you’re helping your people start off on the right foot.

Peer Accountability – A Powerful Performance Driver

Performance is elevated when peers hold each other accountable. Is your organization driving the right behaviors to support those efforts?

The Odyssey to Innovation

Change of any kind is hard. Good leaders steer their people through the changes needed to both create innovation and deploy it.

Additional Sketch Topics

The Whack-a-Mole Way of Life
Leader/Manager Development

For strategic success, company leaders must be aligned on the priorities that will drive the best performance of the business. Find out if you’re confusing your employees.

The Masks of Mistrust
Leadership Development

What happens with teams and organizations when there is a lack of trust? Look at the impact mistrust has on your business.

Who’s Conducting our Orchestra?
Manager Development

Are your managers in a position to conduct the success of your organization? Uncover the key areas where managers must excel in their roles.

The Upstream Struggle to Sustaining Change
Change Management

Getting a company of people to act on change is a rough job. The toughest job of all is sustaining that strategic change once it’s been launched.

The Freakout Train to Nowhere
Massive Change/Changing Market Trends

Are the people on your team freaking out because of changing market conditions? Leaders need to understand their motivation and bring them back to the Sanity Station!

Mindset Mountain
Massive Change/Changing Market Conditions

Getting your people to embrace and drive change is largely tied to their frame of mind and how they view the future. Do your employees need to change their mindset?

Building My Own Castle
Change Management

Big change or little change – nothing can happen without an honest assessment of the current behaviors and new ways of behaving in the future.

Getting Real About Strategic Change
Strategic Change/Change Management

Strategic change is a process, but all too often, it’s managed as a series of independent events led by functions. Find out if this is the best approach for your organization.

Training Challenges? Take a Look Around…

Are your training initiatives truly integrated with strategic change, employee needs, and working environments? Identify the challenges facing learning and development.