Chad-Michael Simon


Chad-Michael Simon has been listening and drawing since he was a schoolboy; head down and doodling while his teachers spoke, managing good marks on his report card and on the page. As luck would have it, there was a young creative company right in his hometown. Without going to far, he could segue this pursuit of listening and drawing into a career, all without needing to rent a moving truck. For almost two decades, his artwork has impacted client organizations.

Posts by Chad-Michael Simon

The Importance of Actively Absorbing Feedback at Work

I have been an artist at Root Inc. for 20 years, and for 20 years people have been telling me how I’m doing my job wrong.
Creativity in the Workplace

Why Visuals are Powerful Storytelling Tools

Visuals are powerful storytelling tools because they allow you to see the big picture. Read how a visual helped everyone see what was really being discussed.