Strategic Learning Map® Modules

Connecting your people’s roles to the overall strategy and vision for your company takes more than a memo. It takes a map with the route clearly laid out.  Whether you’re implementing a single initiative or a company-wide strategic shift, Strategic Learning Map® modules convey large amounts of information and enable your people to understand the drama, emotion, and complex stories with a clear path for change.

Able to be deployed to thousands of people in a streamlined way that doesn’t require experienced trainers, Strategic Learning Map® modules use icons, infographics, drawings, conceptual illustrations, and metaphors to tell your story in a visual way and facilitates conversations to create common understanding. Organizations whose people have experienced a Strategic Learning Map module or a series of modules have seen a 65% increase in awareness and understanding of business and strategy issues.

“Root allowed us to bring together people from different areas throughout our organization and get them all on the same page.  The Strategic Learning Map® modules provided such strong visuals that our employees were able to quickly comprehend and remember the content we were sharing.  The result was truly a connected workforce that better understood our strategy, our key financial metrics, and our core processes.”  Employee Communications Manager, DuPont Pioneer

Root’s Strategic Learning Map® Modules Deliver:

  • A clear and aligned organization on the strategic business priorities
  • A workforce emotionally and intellectually connected to the strategy
  • Empowered people who recognize they are the catalyst for accelerated change