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Strategy without execution is meaningless. Execution without engagement is impossible. The blog of engagement offers perspectives, discussion points, musings, and best practices for strategy deployment and employee engagement written by Root enthusiasts and experts.

Learn Something New Every Day

All of us can learn from one another if we take the time to open up and listen. Even community leaders, politicians, and CEOs have room to learn a lesson.

The Fear Invasion

Realism and truth telling are at the heart of authentic engagement. However, many organizations lack this realism. By not embracing honesty and truth, we are running many risks in our organizations.

Healthcare Reform Act – The State of Readiness in your Organization

If you are in healthcare, I realize I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. So let’s focus on the important stuff – your people. Are they prepared for all of the changes coming? Do they understand what the end game will look like for your organization and what the outcomes need to be as a result of the changes?

What Would Your Successor Do?

Asking themselves this question gave Intel’s President, Andy Grove, and its Chairman and CEO, Gordon Moore, the clarity to make a critical, business-changing decision to get the company out of the business of memory... the very thing it had been founded to accomplish.

Cultivating Strategy Through Employees

An internal DuPont Pioneer study revealed that 95% of employees agreed or strongly agreed that the Learning Map sessions increased their understanding of the company strategy and the link to customers and markets.

The Secrets of Leading Workplaces

Strategy execution is really hard. It’s difficult to focus on everything that needs to be done to keep the business running smoothly meeting key objectives, while still minding the store to make sure the people within it are engaged, productive, and clear on what they should be doing to contribute to the business.

Just Trust Me

Trust in the work environment seems like it would be a no-brainer. But somehow, building trust is one of the biggest challenges faced by leaders, managers, and individual contributors.

You want great managers? Focus on the fundamentals.

The message here to managers and those responsible for training or developing great managers is that mastery and consistent application of the basics is the best way to build a leadership capability that can deliver for your business.
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