Root Inc. Launches “The Road to Change” Mobile Workshop Experience

Change Starts Here – On a Bus! This Immersive Experience Redefines How Organizations Lead Strategy and Culture Change

Sylvania, Ohio June 4, 2018 – Root Inc., the organizational change experts, announced a first-of-its-kind bus tour, “The Road to Change.” The company is taking its proven, experiential, creative, and fun approach to making change happen on the road and across the country.

Making it easy to spot on its 16-city tour, the Road to Change bus is being hosted at high-profile companies, including Anheuser-Busch, Fossil, and American Airlines. This tour is designed to provide new insights and tactics on the way best-in-class organizations connect their people, both emotionally and intellectually, to change.

“We truly love what we do – change is hard. It takes time and rarely sticks – unless you rethink the way you do it. If an organization wants to change its business, it requires changing the way employees are engaged. We love sharing some of the ‘secret sauce’ on what we have done with nearly half of the Fortune 2000 to help create transformational change, and now we get to do it on a bus in a way that’s memorable, purposeful, and fun!” said Rich Berens, president, Root Inc.

Berens added, “We’re taking our experts, the Root Change Process, and our revolutionary methodology on the road in an untraditional, entertaining, and above all, informative experience in an effort to make an even greater and more positive impact on employees across the country. Participants will learn the secrets to strengthening their organizations by helping everyone understand the why, what, and how of change.”

Immersive Experiences

The tour kicks off in Chicago on June 8 and continues through early August. At each stop, Root is offering three interactive workshop experiences:

  • Mastering Innovation: Three Secrets to Secure Your Spot as a Market Leader – Don’t be the next Blockbuster, Borders, or Kodak. This workshop ensures you’re not the next leader to fall off the radar because you were afraid to embrace and lead change. Walk away with three secrets behind the companies that have innovated and disrupted the marketplace.
  • Leading, Activating, and Sustaining Change – The scale and speed of change in today’s marketplace is unprecedented. This interactive experience teaches you how to use storytelling, visuals, and humor to lead and accelerate the desired change inside your organization or team. It’s time for your organizational movement to begin – and stick.
  • Don’t Train Your Managers, Transform Them – Attend this workshop and walk away with a four-step approach to prepare your managers to be accelerants of change. After all, the fastest way to change your business is through your managers.

All sessions on the Road to Change bus are complimentary to the host company and leaders from organizations in the surrounding area.

Giving Back

As part of the mobile tour, Root is also offering bus hosts the opportunity to provide a free session to a non-profit of their choice, so they can benefit from the same experiences and insights usually available to only the world’s leading businesses.

“We know firsthand what Root is capable of and how its work has changed our organization, so we are looking forward to hosting the Road to Change bus at our Dallas office,” said James Webb, vice president, Global People Development and Engagement at Fossil Group. “The fact that they’re hand-delivering their valuable insight is something that leaders and managers in every tour city should take advantage of!”

Road to Change Details

  • The Road to Change tour is hitting the following cities: Chicago, St. Louis, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Charlotte, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Boston, NJ/NY region, Stamford, Pittsburgh, Columbus, Nashville, and Detroit
  • Experiences are geared toward leaders in Human Resources, Communications, Organizational Development, Talent Development, Learning & Training, Customer Experience, Employee Experience, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Strategy, and Technology
  • Learn more about the tour and register for a workshop now at:

 About Root Inc.

The world’s most respected organizations partner with Root Inc. to realize positive change. We activate, motivate, and inspire people to accelerate the speed of change through a combination of disruptive methods, storytelling, and interactive experiences. Root’s process of defining the future, building an organizational movement, and creating lasting change is backed by proven research and evolved over 25 years. A bold culture and international reputation for results has attracted two out of every three of the Fortune 50 to work with Root. Change starts at

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