Here’s something you might not know about me. I wake up at 4:15 AM. Every. Day. Weekends, too, by the way. Sometimes I’ll even dial it back to 3:00. Yes, that’s 3:00… in the morning! Despite being the ripe old age of 23, I’ve been the early bird—getting up hours before the sunrise—since my early years in college, and I’ve carried it into my two plus years post collegiate life.

Who’s the crazy one here? I hope you’re not thinking it’s me. After all, I’m just trying to follow Ben Franklin’s wise advice—I want to be healthy and wise (and, maybe, wealthy wouldn’t be so bad after all either).

Ready to hear about all the great health benefits of being an early riser and then set your alarm for 4:15am tomorrow too? Well, unfortunately, I can’t find any. But before you “Command (or ctrl) W” on this tab… hear me out.

The Early Bird Get Bonus Time

 I may not be able to expand the day by more than 24 hours, but I can promise you that being the early bird is the next best thing. When you beat the sun to waking up, you’re also beating out the majority of the population. You now have the slightest edge to pursue whatever you’d like. Something as coveted as a treadmill at the gym. Something as silly as avoiding the checkout line at Wal-Mart. Something as impressive as finishing a project early. Something as monumental as nabbing that idea before anyone else. Something as heartfelt as making a lunch for your child and sticking in a nice handwritten note.

Get ahead of the world. Jump-start your day. What do you want to accomplish with your extra time?

Awaken Creative Potential

I spend my time in the morning going for a nice long walk. That’s it, you say? Time enjoyed is not time wasted. When I’m feeling energized to begin my day, I feel unstoppable. I’m focused, driven and creative. And so I exercise because when I do, it impacts how the rest of my day is going to go.

As a society we have a false illusion of time, which presents itself as scarce. I love being an early riser because I can use the “extra” time in my day to connect myself to what is arising in my being and in the world. I strive to be appreciative for the “what is” in my life.

The tranquility in the morning is twofold—physical and mental. No cars. No people. No push notifications. And no e-mails trying to rob me from my state of meditation.

Nothing kills creativity like an unwanted interruption.

At this hour, I’m at my best. I’m able to inhibit creative authorship over my life. My brain thinks differently with increased cognitive rigidity. And I can see my work projects and even the planet through a different lens.

It’s neat to see places empty and free from their normal daily bustle. There is something special about watching Toledo come to life right before my eyes. As time ticks by, I can see signs of life begin to flourish… birds start to sing, people start to move… and watching it all from the sidelines is therapeutic.

A Renewed Perspective

This just might be my favorite part after all: the sunrise. The explosion of colors unlocks a sense of wonder and appreciation as I begin my day. There is just something indescribable about the brilliance and tones of the sunrise. The visual still takes my breath away, realizing that a new day is unfolding.

Too bad most don’t even get to see it! More people catch the sun setting than they do rising. Be one of the few. Appreciate the details of our world each morning before they’re gone for another 24 hours.

Somehow the sunrise reminds me that everything is going to be okay. This show performs every day, and isn’t closing anytime soon. A new perspective could just be one sunrise away.

So, what are you going to do tomorrow? What things will you do to reset, recharge and reawaken your best self? Send me a note at with your thoughts.

September 6, 2017