Nothing Constant

Because the only constant in life is change, this podcast helps organizations and leaders navigate that change and make it easier for everyone to achieve their goals.

A monthly podcast exploring the only constant in life … change.

Change. Why is it so hard? What makes people and businesses resist it?

Nothing Constant seeks to answer these and many more pressing questions about the biggest challenges we face at work (and in life).

Tune in to hear hosts Gary Magenta and Bridget Stallkamp share their sometimes serious, sometimes hilarious, but always unique take on the issues keeping people up at night. Rooted in their more than 25 years of combined experience helping companies across industries and around the world be and do better, Nothing Constant explores the topics and thinking most companies only quietly dance around.

Gary Magenta

Gary Magenta

Bridget Stallkamp

S01, E05: To bot or not to bot? That is the question.

In this episode of Nothing Constant, Bridget Stallkamp and Gary Magenta talk about the impact that technology is having on both the Customer Experience, and also the Employee Experience. This episode includes a special guest, Root’s Technology Adoption expert, Chris Williams. He discusses the challenges with current change management approaches that hinder technology roll outs.

S01, E04: Employee retention in a time of low unemployment.

This latest episode explores employee experiences and what organizations and leaders are doing to attract and retain people during the lowest levels of unemployment in years. The podcast also welcomes, Joe Martin, founder of Martin Creative, who discusses his employee and work philosophy, 6-Week Cycles, in which he and his team work for 6 weeks and take off for 2.

S01, E03: Is your loyalty program making your customers disloyal?

Bridget and Gary discuss customer loyalty – in particular, customer loyalty programs – and what that means for consumers. Can loyalty programs actually create disloyalty? They also explore how these programs impact employees.

S01, E02: Your CX will never exceed your EX!

In the second episode of Nothing Constant, Gary and Bridget dig into customer experience challenges specifically related to how leaders, managers and front-line employees can impact the customer experience. They also provide a point, counter-point perspective on some customer experience examples covered widely in the news.

S01, E01: Got purpose?

Gary and Bridget discuss one of the hottest topics in the workplace today – purpose. Listen as they break down three purpose-related transformations, highlighting the successes and watch-outs we can all learn from. They are joined by Ross Buchmueller, President and CEO of PURE Insurance who shares personal insights on the topic.