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Visualization can help take the sting out of change by adding the necessary context that is so often neglected in corporate communication.


Why should you be using strategic visuals in your organization? Because strategic visuals are powerful and time-tested. And they work!

Strategy + Visual Story + Dialogue > Strategy

Root helps clients use visual storytelling because integrating comics with research, data, and structured dialogue is an effective way to embrace change.

How to Harness the Power of Comics in Your Organization: Part 2

In most organizations change is hard, that's why using visuals can help everyone see what is really happening.

How to Harness the Power of Comics in Your Organization: Part 1

The innate form of communication is visuals. Learn how visuals can help a strategy roll out be successful by ensuring everyone sees the same strategy.

Why Should You Be Using a Comic in Your Business?

Learn how you can start using a comic in your business to help enable effective strategic communication.

Designing Results

Design is essentially a rational, logical, sequential process intended to solve problems or initiate change in man-made things

Why a Cartoon? You Might be Surprised by the Answer!

Cartoons aren't just for the Sunday funnies. Using them at the office opens minds to new ideas by suspending disbelief, so why not a cartoon?

Why a Journey Needs a Map

Is your company at a crossroads on next steps, don't now how to respond to changes, or how to communicate new strategies - storyboards might be the answer

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Employee Engagement