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Root has enabled hundreds of companies to solve strategy execution woes, drive change, build engagement, and deliver powerful strategic outcomes with our creative methods, insights, and experience. Explore our solutions below and find the one that fits you best.

Strategic Learning Map® Modules

Map it out. Visually tell your strategy or your financial, customer, or process story to facilitate conversations that create a common understanding, actionable responses, and proven results.

Leader and Manager Development Programs

Create the world’s best bosses. Develop new managers and enhance the skills of seasoned leaders with comprehensive programs designed for your business’ specific strategic outcomes.

Digital Interactive Solutions

Make learning dynamic. Deliver interactive training solutions in flexible digital formats to support and evaluate strategy execution success through sustained learning and skill building.


Take it to the next level. Excel from insights to results by identifying the everyday behaviors, practices, and routines that drive your high-performing teams and replicating them across the whole organization.

Cinematic Storytelling

Connect meaningfully. Create films designed to engage the heads, hearts, and hands of your people, allowing them to thoroughly understand your strategy and their role in executing that strategy.

Curriculum and Training Programs

Skill up. Build the skills of your people by translating strategic intent into operational change while achieving specific, accelerated results.

Customer Experience Programs

Make your customers love you – forever. Create and define a true customer-first culture with proven strategies and flexible techniques that empower your managers and enable the front line to win lifelong customers.

Strategy Creation and Alignment

Hash it out. Bring your senior leaders together to define a killer strategy and create a unifying vision that everyone in your organization is passionate about and will lead to successful results.

Watercooler® Culture Sketches

Get real. Provide a visual approach to encourage the tough, authentic conversations within your organization you aren’t having but need to by defining the barriers that are preventing you from focusing on the real problems.

Off-The-Shelf Solutions

Managing Global, Matrix Teams

We’ve helped organizations leverage our insights to enable large, complex, or dispersed organizations better manage meetings, improve communications in a matrixed environment, more effectively navigate culture differences, and deliver better results when managing virtual teams.

Managing Global, Matrix Teams Solution Sheet  

Unconscious Bias from Root®

After completing Root’s Unconscious Bias workshop, you and your team will be more empathetic and effective leaders and team players who are better able to identify and handle preconceived associations, biases, and misconceptions.

Unconscious Bias from Root® Solution Sheet  

Watercooler® Sketch Kits

From managing change to onboarding to building organizational trust, Watercooler Sketch Kits use humor and truth to guide greater insight and gather knowledge from your team, while improving overall performance.

Watercooler Sketch Kit Topics

Root Compass Essentials®

Manager performance directly affects your results. Invest in your managers. Root Compass Essentials® is the fastest, most engaging, cost-effective way to give your managers world-class foundational skills for success.

Root Compass Essentials®   Solution Sheet

Other Solutions

Diagnose strategic gaps for successful execution or manage change

This isn’t an exhaustive list of Root’s offerings. We also have solutions that can help you identify the gaps and barriers in your business and develop an action plan for better strategy execution and sustainment over time. And, if your organization is struggling to embrace change, we have solutions that acknowledge the emotional and intellectual impact of change and help people get past the hurdles of change in a creative and engaging way.

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