Root Compass® Manager Development Program

A better way to develop managers

Whether you have mostly “seasoned” managers or have gone through a growth spurt and have a large number of “rookies”, odds are, they haven’t been equipped with the capabilities and skills to transform them into exceptional managers.

You wouldn’t run a marathon or enter a golf or tennis tournament without careful preparation and conditioning. So why would you expect your managers to take on what is arguably the most important role in the company without the same care and attention to make them successful?

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The list of skills and capabilities managers should have is pretty daunting…

  1. Recognize that their job as manager isn’t their old job on steroids – it’s a whole new gig.
  2. Understand the strategy of the company and the required outcomes.
  3. Determine how their team contributes to that strategy and help each person see how they make a difference.
  4. Ignite team performance to deliver results for the business by building relationships, setting expectations, coaching, rewarding, and recognizing.

There’s a better way…

There is no doubt that the manager role is a difficult one, but it’s also vital to change. When equipped with the right skills, managers can power change for the business. They are the critical link between those who create the strategies and those who must bring them to life.

To achieve this connection, managers must have the know-how to engage and inspire their teams and the skills to deliver the results the business is after. This approach gives both new and seasoned managers the navigation system they need to effectively manage work and lead people. We call it Root Compass®.

We don’t believe in training managers… we believe in transforming them.

To power change for your business, managers need a makeover. The Root Compass® experience will transform your managers into:


Why it works

Making over your managers requires commitment, but it doesn’t have to be an onerous task. Our approach iscompelling, practical, and action-oriented. Most importantly, it can deliver powerful
results for your business because it’s more than just a training session. It’s a transformation.The Root Compass® experience is anchored by a powerful framework that helps managers skillfully navigate the twists and turns of leading people. Managers focus on four essential areas:

  • Knowing their role
  • Knowing the business
  • Connecting their team to the business
  • Delivering results through their teams


How Root Transforms Your Managers

In a series of eight modules, the Root Compass® program prepares new managers and enhances the effectiveness of seasoned ones with a street-smart approach that they can apply right away.

Throughout the program, your managers:

  • Gain clarity. A clear point of view helps managers recognize that their own success depends on building engaged and capable teams.
  • Focus on your organization’s key business levers. With careful customization we can ensure all of your managers see the big picture of your business and understand what their teams need to do to contribute to your success.
  • Learn the easy way. Leadership is hard enough without complicating it with buzzwords and academic models. We give managers simple processes for delivering results through their teams that are easy to remember and use every day.
  • Take center stage. Root knows how best to engage learners – it’s what we’re famous for! This program celebrates those very methods. We keep learning fun and memorable, with manager involvement, storytelling, analysis, and real-world opportunities to practice tough conversations.
  • Are guided by a trained facilitator. We believe in a learner-centric approach, where the facilitators guide rather than teach. Participants own the experience, openly sharing their strengths, stories, and struggles – and best of all – learning from each other.
  • Get the support they need to commit to change. New habits take time, commitment, and simple triggers to take hold. We’ll help you plan and implement the most effective solutions to hardwire change with your managers. Managers will come away with sustainment tools and methods to make it easy and make it stick.

We use a variety of solutions including Strategic Learning Map® modules, games, videos, assessments, visual exercises, building blocks, role-playing, and journaling to keep the process fun and uniquely effective.

Yielding better business results

Managers who go through the Root Compass® makeover not only get results – they become exceptional leaders who power change for your business. They learn how to deliver the support and knowledge their teams need to feel empowered, trusted, and engaged – all the things required for high-performing teams! And, because the framework of the program is memorable and easy to apply, you’ll see higher adoption, noticeable behavior change, and an impact on your business right away.